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U.S. House voice vote cuts BLM budget over wild horse dispute

February 16, 2011     E-mail this page to a friend!

In an action touted as a protest over the agency's wild horse roundups—but which is as likely another attempt to cut federal spending in general—the U.S. House has approved an amendment on a voice vote to cut $2 million from budget for the Bureau of Land Management.

Indiana Republican Dan Burton says he intends this amendment to alert agency officials to his perception that most Americans want the mustangs treated more humanely on Western public lands.

Virginia Democrat Jim Moran says Congress passed a law 40 years ago to protect the horses on the range, but that today there are more than 40,000 in holding pens and only 30,000 in the wild.

Among opponents was Wyoming Republican Cynthia Lummis. She says horse advocates are "loving the creatures to death" by allowing overpopulation. The over-abundance of animals on the range damages the land the mustangs depend upon.