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United Horsemen of Alberta Awarded Racetrack License in Calgary

November 5, 2004     E-mail this page to a friend!

By "Karen Tomnuk" <>

CALGARY,AB- -Horse Racing Alberta (HRA) announced today that the United Horsemen of Alberta (UHA) is granted a long-term racetrack license in the Calgary market. This license will be valid from 2007 until 2017. This announcement is a culmination of an extensive racetrack licensing review process which has been ongoing since October 2003.

  “The awarding of a long-term racetrack license in theCalgarymarket adopts the recommendations resulting from the Industry Working Committee Report (June 2001) that ensures the industry continues to grow and prosper inAlberta,” stated Dr. David C. Reid, Chairman of Horse Racing Alberta. “This decision represents a detailed process and will benefit the sport and theprovinceofAlberta. The economic impact of horse racing in the province in 2003 was $295 million and we know that this announcement will positively contribute to our economic growth in the future. This is great news forCalgary.”

Construction of the state of the art $80 million dollar complex is slated to be completed by January 2007. Live racing will begin in April 2007.

  “United Horsemen of Alberta is a joint venture partnership that is 50 per cent owned by Alberta horsemen. The partnership has the combined skills and experience needed to operate a world class comprehensive racetrack and entertainment destination,” says Max Gibb, Chief Executive Officer of UHA. “Our facility fully embraces the HRA vision and we are proud to partner with the racing industry in raising the sport to a new level and even greater prominence.” 

  Live horse racing is licensed at Stampede Parkfor the 2005 race season.