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November 3, 2010     E-mail this page to a friend!

Traditional Thoroughbred venues host Quarter Horse racing
The November issue is in the mail, bringing news of exciting mixed-breed race cards from unexpected venues. Many in the racing and gaming industry abide by the tenet, "Change or perish." This month learn how the AQHA has teamed with two traditional thoroughbred racetracks—Emerald Downs in Seattle and Fort Erie Race Track in Ontario—to introduce Quarter Horse racing to a new fan base.

The November cover includes a shot of Fort Erie's first big QH winner, and the story inside describes how provincial administrators in Ontario have embarked on a long-range plan to expand horseracing of all types throughout the province.

The cover also shows a stretch shot from Emerald Downs's big AQHA Challenge race.

As always, expect news you can use, including information about speakers and programs at the upcoming 2010 Symposium on Gaming and Racing. You'll also find health and medication information and other news and informational updates.

You trust us to bring you race and stakes results from around TRJ territory each month, and this month we focus in on Emerald Downs, Hastings, Assiniboia, Los Alamitos, and Yellowstone Downs.

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