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Kalispell to reopen in August

June 17, 2010     E-mail this page to a friend!

The Montana Board of Horse Racing voted unanimously today to grant racing dates to the Flathead County Fairgrounds in Kalispell, Montana. Racing is scheduled for the final two days of the Northwest Montana Fair, August 21-22. The Northwest Montana Fair begins on August 18.

The application for days was brought by Montana horsewomen Janis Schoepf and Deb Cunnington, Kalispell residents who seized on an opportunity to bring racing back to the Fair after a five-year absence.

“The Fair Board has a different structure this year, and we thought that reintroducing racing could show the new board how the Fair could be more successful with racing than it has been without racing,” Schoepf said. “We don’t know if the new structure will be in place in the future, so we had to act now.”

Schoepf and Cunnington have already secured $35,000 from sponsors for purses and operating expenses. They anticipate 10 races each day with average overnight purses of $1,500 per race and a bottom purse of $1,200.

“All the advance work is complete and we’re ready to roll out a successful meet,” Schoepf continued. “We’re already in touch with the AQHA, and they’re going to work with us and put a John Deere Bonus Challenge race in Kalispell.”