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March issue is in like a lion

February 28, 2010     E-mail this page to a friend!

Racing season is just around the corner in many locales throughout TRJ—The Racing Journal territory. The March issue features current racing schedules for every track in the region. Also, the AQHA Challenge and Bonus Challenge schedules are presented in the March issue.

Features from the pages of the March issue:

  • ROAP announces upcoming continuing education seminar
  • “Grey or silver, dappled or plain, maybe it’s worth a bet,” by Tom Lewis
  • “Grey horse inspiration yields a young adult novel,” by Karen Svea Johnson
  • Minus pools are pretty “Freaky” in Quarter Horse racing—not so rare with Thoroughbreds
  • Francisco Rubio, 2009 Val Tonks Award for top young rider
  • “Feeding the racehorse,” by Heather Smith Thomas
  • Mare-Watch Reading: “Richard Eng No Dummy,” by Robert Cooke, Jr.

And racing action from:

  • Fonner Park
  • Los Alamitos
  • Portland Meadows
  • Rillito Park
  • Turf Paradise

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