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Alberta-bred racing Quarter Horse owners: not too late to claim your rebate

February 9, 2010     E-mail this page to a friend!

The AQHRA would like to remind everyone who purchased a yearling at the AQHRA 2007 Sale that you are entitled to a $1,500 rebate if your horse breaks its maiden as a two or three year old. The application is available at . This rebate is available to the owner of record, whether or not he or she was the purchaser. Contact the AQHRA office if you have any questions.

Owners are required to submit proof that the horse in fact did break its maiden, such as a past performance record from the AQHA, Equibase, or the race track where the victory occurred.

Owners who have sold the horse are encouraged to forward this information to the new owners.

The application form for this rebate, as well as a 2010 membership form, is available at the organization's website.