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Post postions set for Breeders' Cup

November 3, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

Bob Baffert, Tim Ice, John Shirreffs, Jerry Moss, and Chip Woolley take questions after the Breeders' Cup post position draw
Zenyatta installed as 5-to-2 favorite in Classic

Post positions for the 26th Breeders' Cup World Championships were drawn on November 3 at Santa Anita. Jerry Moss, owner of the unbeaten filly Zenyatta, chose to race on Saturday in the Breeders' Cup Classic rather than on Friday in the Ladies' Classic.

"She deserves to be here," explained Moss after the draw. "She's done everything right."

"And Jerry Moss deserves applause for putting Zenyatta in the race," claimed Bob Baffert. "With Zenyatta joining the field, it's going to be one of the best Classics ever!"

Breeders’ Cup races are shown below. Approximate post times are shown in Pacific Time.

Friday, November 6

Breeders' Cup Marathon, ESPN2, 12:35 p.m.
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Black Astor Solis 12-to-1
2 Muhannak (IRE) Moore 12-to-1
3 Nite Light Velazquez 4-to-1
4 Cloudy's Knight Homeister 8-to-1
5 Father Time (GB) Ahern 3-to-1
6 Mastery (GB) Dettori 9-to-5
7 Sir Dave Rosario 20-to-1
8 Eldaafer Bejarano 30-to-1
9 Man of Iron Murtagh 8-to-1
10 Gangbuster Desormeaux 30-to-1

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies Turf, ESPN2, 1:08
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Potosina Velazquez 20-to-1
2 Elusive Galaxy (IRE) Bejarano 12-to-1
3 Smart Seattle Rose 8-to-1
4 Rose Catherine Castellano 8-to-1
5 La Nez Smith 20-to-1
6 Jungle Tale Bridgmohan 15-to-1
7 House of Grace Luzzi 4-to-1
8 Lillie Langtry Murtagh 3-to-1
9 Hatheer Garcia 10-to-1
10 Tapitsfly Albarado 8-to-1
11 Junia Tepzia (IRE) Fallon 8-to-1
12 Lisa's Kitten Leparoux 12-to-1
13ae Dad's Crazy Dominguez 15-to-1
14ae In the Slips Gomez 12-to-1

Grey Goose Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies, ESPN2, 1:45
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Zilva Rose 30-to-1
2 Ms Vanenzza Rocco 30-to-1
3 Blind Luck T.Baze 3-to-1
4 Beautician Albarado 6-to-1
5 Bickersons Rosario 20-to-1
6 Connie and Michael Desormeaux 4-to-1
7 Devil May Care Velazquez 8-to-1
8 She Be Wild Leparoux 8-to-1
9 Champagne d'Oro Garcia 50-to-1
10 Negligee Maragh 6-to-1
11 Always a Princess Gomez 6-to-1
12 Biofuel Da Silva 15-to-1

Emirates Airline Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare Turf, ESPN2, 2:23
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Visit (GB) Velazquez 10-to-1
2 Forever Together Leparoux 5-to-2
3 Rutherienne Garcia 8-to-1
4 Magical Fantasy Solis 3-to-1
5 Pure Clan Gomez 5-to-1
6 Midday (GB) Queally 4-to-1
7 Dynaforce Desormeaux 8-to-1
8 Maram Lezcano 15-to-1

Sentient Jet Breeders' Cup Filly and Mare Sprint, ESPN2, 3:02
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Free Flying Soul Smith 50-to-1
2 Sara Louise Dettori 9-to-2
3 Game Face Prado 10-to-1
4 Only Green (IRE) Peslier 20-to-1
5 Silver Swallow Solis 30-to-1
6 Evita Argentina Rosario 20-to-1
7 Informed Decision Leparoux 5-to-2
8 Seventh Street Maragh 4-to-1
9 Ventura Gomez 8-to-5

Breeders' Cup Ladies' Classic, ESPN2, 3:45
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Careless Jewel Landry 2-to-1
2 Life Is Sweet Gomez 8-to-1
3 Mushka Desormeaux 12-to-1
4 Lethal Heat Solis 20-to-1
5 Proviso (GB) Velazquez 8-to-1
6 Cocoa Beach (CHI) Migliore 8-to-1
7 Music Note Maragh 9-to-5
8 Rainbow View Leparoux 6-to-1

Saturday, November 7

Breeders' Cup Juvenile Turf, ABC, 10:45 a.m.
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Zip Quik Smith 50-to-1
2 Viscount Nelson Murtagh 6-to-1
3 Codoy Gomez 15-to-1
4 Pounced Dettori 9-to-2
5 Gallant Gent Rosario 30-to-1
6 Awesome Act Moore 20-to-1
7 Bridgetown Landry 8-to-1
8 King Ledley Bejarano 20-to-1
9 Kera's Kitten Maragh 12-to-1
10 Becky's Kitten Leparoux 12-to-1
11 Interactif Desormeaux 4-to-1
12 Buzzword (GB) Ajtebi 6-to-1
13ae Dean's Kitten Dominguez 12-to-1
14ae Summer Movie M.Baze 50-to-1

Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint, ABC, 11:23
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Noble Court Rosario 8-to-1
2 Silver Timber Leparoux 8-to-1
3 California Flag Talamo 7-to-2
4 Lord Shanakill Crowley 8-to-1
5 Get Funky Bejarano 20-to-1
6 Cannonball Dominguez 8-to-1
7 Gotta Have Her T.Baze 15-to-1
8 Square Eddie Dettori 20-to-1
9 Diamondrella (GB) Maragh 4-to-1
10 Canadian Ballet Garcia 20-to-1
11 El Gato Malo Flores 30-to-1
12 Strike the Deal Fallon 15-to-1
13 Desert Code Migliore 20-to-1
14 Delta Storm Gomez 10-to-1
15ae Tenga Cat Smith 30-to-1
16ae Cherokee Heaven Blanc 30-to-1

Sentient Jet Breeders' Cup Sprint, ABC, 12:10 p.m.
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Zensational Espinoza 7-to-5
2 Cost of Freedom T.Baze 20-to-1
3 Fatal Bullet Da Silva 9-to-2
4 Crown of Thorns Bejarano 12-to-1
5 Gayego Gomez 5-to-2
6 Dancing in Silks Rosario 12-to-1
7 Join in the Dance Velazquez 30-to-1
8 Capt. Candyman Can Castellano 15-to-1
9 Fleeting Spirit (IRE) Dettori 8-to-1

Grey Goose Breeders' Cup Juvenile, ESPN, 12:49
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Alfred Nobel (IRE) Murtagh 20-to-1
2 Piscitelli Desormeaux 50-to-1
3 Beethoven (IRE) Moore 20-to-1
4 Noble's Promise Martinez 8-to-1
5 D' Funnybone Prado 5-to-2
6 Pulsion Smith 20-to-1
7 Vale of York (IRE) Ajtebi 20-to-1
8 Eskendereya Castellano 10-to-1
9 Aikenite Garcia 8-to-1
10 Aspire Leparoux 30-to-1
11 Radiohead (GB) Dwyer 15-to-1
12 William's Kitten Dominguez 30-to-1
13 Lookin At Lucky Gomez 8-to-5

TVG Breeders' Cup Mile, ESPN, 1:28
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Court Vision Albarado 12-to-1
2 Whatsthescript (IRE) Desormeaux 15-to-1
3 Cowboy Cal Velazquez 6-to-1
4 Delegator (GB) Dettori 3-to-1
5 Karelian Maragh 20-to-1
6 Courageous Cat Gomez 20-to-1
7 Ferneley (IRE) Bejarano 20-to-1
8 Zacinto (GB) Moore 8-to-1
9 Gladiatorus Ajtebi 20-to-1
10 Justenuffhumor Garcia 10-to-1
11 Goldikova (IRE) Peslier 8-to-5

Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile, ESPN, 2:12
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Mastercraftsman (IRE) Murtagh 6-to-5
2 Furthest Land Leparoux 20-to-1
3 Midshipman Gomez 6-to-1
4 Bullsbay Rose 3-to-1
5 Neko Bay Smith 20-to-1
6 Mambo Meister Cruz 30-to-1
7 Pyro Velazquez 10-to-1
8 Mr. Sidney Desormeaux 12-to-1
9 Chocolate Candy Rosario 15-to-1
10 Ready's Echo Borel 20-to-1

Emirates Airline Breeders' Cup Turf, ESPN, 2:57
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Telling Castellano 20-to-1
2 Conduit (IRE) Moore 7-to-5
3 Red Rocks (IRE) Leparoux 20-to-1
4 Allegre Velazquez 50-to-1
5 Dar Re Mi (GB) Dettori 3-to-1
6 Presious Passion Trujillo 4-to-1
7 Spanish Moon Fallon 5-to-2
8 Monzante Bejarano 30-to-1

Breeders' Cup Classic, ESPN, 3:45
Post Horse              Jockey        Odds
1 Mine That Bird Borel 12-to-1
2 Colonel John Gomez 12-to-1
3 Summer Bird Desormeaux 9-to-2
4 Zenyatta Smith 5-to-2
5 Twice Over (GB) Queally 20-to-1
6 Richard's Kid Solis 12-to-1
7 Gio Ponti Dominguez 12-to-1
8 Einstein (BRZ) Leparoux 12-to-1
9 Girolamo Garcia 20-to-1
10 Rip Van Winkle (IRE) Murtagh 7-to-2
11 Regal Ransom Migliore 20-to-1
12 Quality Road Velazquez 12-to-1
13 Awesome Gem Flores 30-to-1