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Intermountain Horsemen's Association formed; inaugural meeting October 23

October 9, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

A new group of horsemen—the Intermountain Horsemen’s Association—is getting together with the goal of helping to improve horse racing in the Intermountain and Northwest areas. Anyone interested in making horse racing work in these areas is invited to join the new group. Horsemen representing all breeds should be involved.

“The purpose of the Intermountain Horsemen’s Association will be to help any group in the Intermountain West and the Northwest,” said Peggy Brown, an Idaho breeder who is helping to organize the Association. “So far we have members from Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. We are a mixture of anyone interested in seeing horse racing progress. We are not exclusive to any one group. Whoever might need our help.”

The group was formed on October 4, during the Los Alamitos Equine Sale, with help from Butch Wise and the AQHA Racing Council. More than 40 Intermountain-area horsemen were present. “We are not here to take over for the other Associations,” Brown continued. “In fact, there are board members from a number of different associations who are going to be involved.”

The first meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on October 23 at the Ramada Inn in Pocatello. “One thing we are going to really push is for people to not bring up the past,” said Brown. We are looking forward and positive to whatever we can do to make things better.”

The Association’s phone number—(208) 226-RACE— should be operational by Monday, October 12. For more information prior to Monday, call Mark Brown at (208) 221-5001.