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Russell Baze secures six mounts for Idaho Cup

September 15, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

Russell Baze wins the Claiming Crown Glass Slipper aboard Frisco Fox on July 25 at Canterbury Park.
(photo by Canterbury Park)
Russell Baze, the world's winningest jockey, will ride in six of the eight Idaho Cup races this Saturday at Sandy Downs in Idaho Falls. In addition to the $127,500 Idaho Cup, Saturday's 12-race card also features the $45,320 Bosen Futurity and the $16,440 Bosen Derby.

Baze, 51, has won more races than any jockey, having passed the previous record-holder, Laffit Pincay, Jr., on December 1, 2006, with his 9,531st win and reaching 10,000 wins on February 1, 2008.

Baze is scheduled to ride Shivers Me in the $20K Idaho Cup Derby, Pickin With Dehlia in the $20K Idaho Cup Maturity, Daring Beaunita in the $20K Idaho Cup Distaff Derby, Northern Poptart in the $30K Idaho Cup Futurity (run in divisions), Pirates Journey in the $10K Idaho Cup Sprint, and Silver Wildcat in the $20K Idaho Cup Classic.

Entries for the eight Idaho Cup races are shown below (with jockey, trainer, owner), followed by the entries for the Bosen Stakes races:

Idaho Cup Claiming, $7,500, 7 furlongs, 3YO & older (race 2)

1 The Prince And I, Uriel Dominguez, Mike Scudder, Dudley Warp
2 Big Creek Cowboy, Dirk Crane, Dick Walker, Whitworth/Funke
3 Moab, JC Estrada, Gary Simpson, Charles Kowitz
4 TC Cash Man, Mark Boag, Nate Barrow, Marylee Barrow
5 Birthday Boy, Cameron Colledge, Matt Williams, Matt Williams

Idaho Cup Derby, $20,000, 1 mile, 3YO (race 4)

1 Coastal Flash, Cameron Colledge, Curt Calton, Jeff-Jason Haylett
2 Shivers Me, Russell Baze, Curt Calton, Jeff-Jason Haylett
3 Mad Affair, Ashton Dale, Kristine Shortridge, Kristine Shortridge
4 Bolly, Dirk Crane, Dru Hall, Brian Peterson
5 Classy Guy, Mark Boag, Mike Smith, Bill Kepler

Idaho Cup Maturity, $20,000, 1 mile, 3YO & older (race 5)

1 Pickin With Dehlia, Russell Baze, Kenny McReynolds, Robbie Waters
2 Gig's Star, Joe Dominguez, Mike Scudder, IMI Racing
3 Just A Diva, Aston Dale, Kristine Shortridge, Kristine Shrotridge
4 Miss Daisy Mae, Mark Boag, Kenny McReynolds, Kenny-Peggy McReynolds
5 Mystic Generation, Dirk Crane, Tye Garrett, Gordon Twilegar

Idaho Cup Distaff Derby $20,000, 1 mile, 3YO (race 7)

1 MJ Shes A Lady, Mark Boag, Mike Scudder, Todd-Marilynn Trittle
2 Runaway Fay, Dirk Crane, James Mitchell, Sutherland Farms
3 Crescendo Lady, Dan Kistler, Bill Kepler, Bill Kepler
4 The Queen Of All, Uriel Dominguez, Mike Scudder, Dudley Ward
5 Katy Wildcat, Brian Merrill, Gary Elison, Gary Elison
6 Daring Beaunita, Russell Baze, Tawnja Elison, Tawnja Elison
7 Witchy Way, Aaron Shaw, Mike Smith, Bill Kepler

Idaho Cup Juvenile, $15,000, 5 furlongs, 2YO (race 8)

1 Northern Poptart, Russell Baze, Paul Treasure, Gaylord Drown
2 Cause I Want To, Joe Dominguez, Mike Scudder, Cooper-Birkenbine-Scudder
3 Accountable Gent, Cameron Colledge, Matt Williams, Susan Williams-Wendy Stark
4 Montar The Winner, Brian Merrill, Gary Elison, Gary Elison
5 First Cauzin, Dirk Crane, Matt Williams, Harry-Lori Richardson
6 Holy Buckets, Mark Boag, Nate Barrow, Tom Carlson

Idaho Cup Juvenile, $15,000, 5 furlongs, 2YO (race 9)

1 Cons Lucky Appeal, Todd Thomas, Tyler Gibbs, Tyler Gibbs
2 Drive Lycius, Paul Greene, Dustin Hollingsworth, Leroy Johnson
3 I'm Not Alone, Alan Corson, Dick Walker, M. Higgins-J. Buchanan
4 Cause I'm A Blurr, Cameron Colledge, Matt Williams, Kiser/Cagel
5 Riches To Rags, Tyler Neilson, Kyle Dahlke, Staley/Burke
6 Lotta Gigs Mine, Joe Dominguez, Mike Scudder, IMI Racing

Idaho Cup Sprint, $10,000, 5 furlongs, 3YO & older (race 10)

1 Towering Prince, Joe Dominguez, Mike Scudder, IMI Racing
2 Pirates Journey, Russell Baze, Farrell Christopherson, Grant Pendleton
3 Bitter Bill, Aaron Shaw, Kyle Dahlke, Kyle Dahlke
4 Matts Champion, Cameron Colledge, Matt Williams, Harry Richardson
5 Grunow, Dirk Crane, Matt Williams, Brent Rosenkrantz
6 Bogart Lane, Paul Greene, Matt Williams, Harry Richardson
7 Shooting Sequence, Ashton Dale, Tye Garrett, Tye Garrett
8 Wait For Red, Dan Kistler, Ross Brown, Bill Kepler

Idaho Cup Classic, $20,000, 1 mile, 3YO & older (race 12)

1 Walnut Avenue, Joe Dominguez, Mike Scudder, IMI Racing
2 Cattle Call, Paul Greene, Farrell Christopherson, Judd Whitworth
3 Silver Wildcat, Russell Baze, Tawnja Elison, Cliff Larsen
4 Fleet Danny Boy, Ashton Dale, Tye Garrett, Godon Twilegar
5 Lookn East, Cameron Colledge, Matt Williams, Susan Williams
6 Silent Snow, Dirk Crane, Kenny McReynolds, Doug Mickelson
7 Crypts Seeker, JC Estrada, Curt Calton, Connie Summers

Bosen Derby, $16,440, 3YO, 400 yards (race 6)

1 Gone Baby Gone, Nick Cronquist, Dirk Crane, Pheonix Farms
2 Tisa Dandy Appy Andy, Robert Smith, Wes Smith, Andy-Mary Atkinson
3 Sheza Pepper, Reed Nelson, Dallas Erickson, Kevin Allred
4 Star A Lightning Strik, Bobby Price, RJ Hansen, Allen Hale
5 Gone Shortly, Nick Cronquist, Cameron Colledge, Pheonix Farms
6 Babes Gray Gal, Heath Hillman, Alan Corson, RL Harrison
7 GM Lucky Dasher, Glen Jamison, Mark Boag, Glen-Jill Jamison
8 Meter Me Lane, Casey Greene, Paul Greene, Grant Pendleton
9 Star A Flight Fever, Bobby Price, Judd Rasmussen, Allen Hale
10 Fast Feet N Freedom, Nick Cronquist, Shad Holdaway, Ruby Walker

Bosen Futurity, $45,320, 2YO, 350 yards (race 11)

1 Lil Bit Gone, Nick Cronquist, Cameron Colledge, Pheonix Farms
2 Eyes A Trouble, Tony Hyde, RJ Hansen, Sugar Creek Ranch
3 Open For Cash, Glen Jamison, Mark Boag, Jamison/Talbot
4 DSW First, Casey Greene, Wes Smith, Grant Pendleton
5 Blushing Daisy Mae, Kyle Dahlke, Tyler Nielson, Hannah Evans
6 Bug Tussell, Reed Nelson, Judd Rasmussen, Kevin Allred
7 JF Dashette, Ted Fisher, Justin Hollingsworth, John Fisher
8 Eyesa Lane, Casey Greene, Paul Greene, Grant Pendleton
9 Eyesa Buggin, Ricardo Castillo, Oscar Cervantes, Ortiz
10 Straw Fly Pie, Jake Newbold, Jason Packer, Bruce Hillman