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Commission appproves eight-day meeting at Wyoming Downs

June 5, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

In a phone conference meeting this morning, the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission approved Wyoming Entertainment LLC's application to run an eight-day race meet by a split vote of 3 to 2. The meet begins on June 27 and ends on July 19, with racing on June 27 and 28 and on the following dates in July: 3, 4, 11, 12, 18, and 19.

Eric Spector, representing Wyoming Entertainment, blamed the current state of the economy for the shortened meet, which was initially approved at 16 days. "The downward trend in handle nationwide and at western Wyoming OTBs is a direct result of the economy," he said, "but we don't expect it to continue."

The Wyoming Downs website,, is back online as of this morning. Stakes schedules are yet to be determined.