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NRQHA awards five scholarships

May 7, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

Ginny Harding of Kennewick, Washington, sends the following news from the Northern Racing Quarter Horse Association (NRQHA):

The NRQHA has presented five individual $500 scholarships for 2009! The outstanding young students who are receiving these incentives represent the future of our industry. Weíre proud to know them and to help them in this small way to achieve their own dreams and goals.

  • Amanda Kimsey demonstrated great leadership skills throughout high school as a member of Honor Society and her FFA chapter, and now in college. While maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 3.72 in her first year at WSU, she has traveled to six different countries in Europe as Student Ambassador through her college major of International Business. Amanda credits most of her achievements and successes to her involvement throughout her life with the Quarter Running Athletes right alongside her trainer/father, NRQHA member Warren Kimsey. She believes this experience helped her learn about lifeís responsibilities and gave her a positive attitude about all of her endeavors.

  • NRQHA Youth member Alicia Pepper is attending Seattle Pacific University, where she has maintained a 3.69 GPA. She plans to use her scholarship to further her education closer to home at Lewis and Clark State College in Lewiston, Idaho, majoring in Nursing. Always actively involved in the honor society, sports and 4-H, Alicia also shows great creativity in writing. Her description of what it meant to her to be a part of her grandparentís Quarter Race Horse business during Aliciaís young life would inspire any reader!

  • With an impressive 3.60 GPA, Justin Kimsey, a senior at Riverview High School in Finley, has been accepted into WSU where he plans to major in Animal Science. He is an athlete both on a horse and off, as he competes in high-school sports as well as rodeo events on his high school rodeo team. On honor roll each year, and donating many hours to community service, Justin has still found time to break and train yearling racing Quarter Horses, preparing them for the track alongside his father, NRQHA member Warren Kimsey.

  • Youth member Sam Shelton, like most of our scholarship recipients, has practically grown up on the back of a horse alongside his parents. While maintaining a qualifying GPA at Burbank High School, Sam has been actively involved in High School Rodeo, sports, and FFA, not only as a competitor but holding office as well. Sam is a natural-born leader, and his presentation for application for this scholarship award was impressive. He plans to further his education at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming, where he will major in Agriculture Business.

  • Christopher Hickman is currently attending WSU, where he has maintained a qualifying GPA in Computer Science, and plans to further his education in this field. Chris feels that the time he has spent alongside his grandfather, Chet Hickman, and his father, NRQHA member, Robert Hickman, and their Racing Quarter Horses is responsible, in part, for his positive outlook for his own future. Chris is a talented spokesman, who, in his own words at his grandfatherís memorial services earlier this spring, inspired all who listened.

Congratulations to all five of these outstanding students!