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Quarterfest is for kids of all ages!

April 13, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

A scavenger hunt, learning about horse facial markings through face painting, equine first-aid and nutrition activities, making homemade horse treats and a jackpot roping are just a few of the activities planned for the QuarterFest Breyer Kids Korral May 1-3 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Besides the hands-on activities, there also will be daily clinics for youth riders and their horses. With expert guidance from one of the nation's leading equine youth educators – Christy Landwehr of Aurora, Colorado – this clinic will help develop better skills and improve relationships through fun games, activities and education. Here’s the clinic schedule: walk, trot and canter advanced lessons, Friday, May 1; beginner work with Middle Tennessee State University school horses, Saturday, May 2; and walk and trot intermediate lessons, Sunday, May 3. English and western riders welcome. This clinic is only open to riders under 18. Go to to purchase your clinic tickets and QuarterFest general admission tickets.

If you’re horseless or are unable to bring your horse to QuarterFest, you and your kids can still pick up some trick-training techniques from two top trick-horse trainers. Do you know how to make your horse bow? How about perform unbelievable stunts at the flip of a whip? Would you like to? Watch Tommie Turvey demonstrate this intimate relationship between horse and owner!

Movie wrangler Rex Peterson is known around the world for teaching Keepin Charge, aka “Tuff,” the star of the motion picture “Appaloosa,” but do you think he can teach any horse tricks? Watch his exciting demonstration, and you’ll want to go home and see if you can teach your horse something new!

Ready for a good shoot-out like those back in the Old West? You’ll see some of those Old West characters in a cowboy mounted shooting demonstration. Watch as professional mounted shooting riders demonstrate their skills.

QuarterFest is a three-day, education-packed celebration of the American Quarter Horse Association’s 68th anniversary where AQHA members and horse enthusiasts from around the world will gather in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, May 1-3 for fun, entertainment and festivities to honor the world’s most versatile horse – the American Quarter Horse. Our sponsors – Tractor Supply, B&W Trailer Hitches, John Deere, Justin Boots, Merial, Nutrena, Professional’s Choice, Bank of America, Montana Silversmiths, Farnam, Breyer and Wrangler – share our passion for horses and are an integral part of QuarterFest.