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Assistance needed to place 80 Appaloosas

March 31, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

The Appaloosa may be Idaho’s state horse, but equine enthusiasts across North America love the breed. Unfortunately, tough economic times sometimes make that love unsustainable.

The Appaloosa Horse Club of Moscow, Idaho, is helping to spread the word about just such a situation. ApHC director of marketing Merida McClanahan sent TRJ the following appeal:

“The ApHC was contacted by the National Humane Society (Leanne McCollum at 615-734-9537 or regarding a family in Tennessee that has fallen on some hard times and needs assistance placing their 80 Appaloosas.

“As I understand it, the Tennessee Humane Society has been working with the family to find homes and to provide food. The National Humane Society has arranged for a 1 ton hay drop this week, but ultimately the family is needs to place the horses.

“I realize that we are all under financial strain these days, but I am calling on you to contact the representative I mentioned above to see if you can offer any assistance from transportation, feed, farrier services, a temporary home, a donation or adoption.

“If you know of anyone who might be able to offer assistance please provide them the contact information listed above.

“Thank you for your support of this wonderful breed and for creating a great family and community organization!”