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February 20, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

Do you know when your local track's opening day is? Do you know who's running when you're on your summer vacation? Planning a business trip to TRJ territory?

Live racing calendars, stakes nomination forms, stall applications and more are on The Racing Journal website. The Tracks/Info tab is up to date for 2009 with live racing days and dates for more than 60 racetracks all across the region. And we'll do our best to keep up with incoming condition books and other notices as we receive them.

And you can help us keep it current! If you have some information that we don't have on the website, e-mail it to us at If you can't find something you need, send us a note at and we'll try 'n' get it. After all, if you need it, chances are somebody else does, too!

Go to and start planning your 2009 racetrack adventures today!