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Live Les Bois Park season in negotiations

February 6, 2009     E-mail this page to a friend!

Citing insurmountable operating losses, Capitol Racing has relinquished its contract to run Les Bois Park in Boise, Idaho. However, horsemen across the state have showed effective unity in seeking out a potential new operator.

The Greene Group, an organization from Alabama that operates the old Coeur díAlene Greyhound Park in North Idaho as a simulcast-only facility, is in talks with county and state legislators and regulators to take over operation of the live meet. In negotiations with the HBPA and other horsemenís groups, the Greene Group has offered to run the statute-defined 46 days of live racing at Les Bois Park. They hope to secure permissions and licenses in time for training to begin March 1.

The Tracks/Info button at the top of this page contains links to The ITA and IQHRA websites and offices, and we encourage horsemen to contact these groups for news on future progress toward the goal of live racing at LBP in 2009. TRJ will also report on developments as they happen.