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December Issue Hits Mailboxes This Week

December 1, 2008     E-mail this page to a friend!

Our website offers links to your favorite racetracks, as well as breaking news stories. But it really only supports our monthly magazine: Every month, The Racing Journal presents in-depth stories, personality profiles, breeding news, and information about “all matters equine”!

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What you’ll discover in the December issue:

  • Timely features address issues you’re facing now

    • Strategies for Saving on Your Horse Breeding Bill

    • Horse Rescue Organizations: Questions to Ask

  • Special equine health section

    • Education the Best Defense Against Deadly Equine Botulism

    • Tetanus Death Review Finds Correlation to Age, Vaccination Status

    • Liniments for Horses

  • Insight into racing action, news, awards—

    • “Krazy Koffee Steals the Show at Thoroughbred Industry Awards”

    • Award announcements from across the TRJ region and throughout North America

    • Monthly update of the Montana Sports Action “Fantasy Football” program that benefits race purses

    • Photo of AQHYA Championship participants—youths learning about our industry and how to become part of the action!

  • Race results from RMTC, Los Alamitos, Hastings, and Portland Meadows

  • News you can use—including eight pages of news briefs, plus all this:

    • Information—both ads and stories—about stallion auctions and upcoming stakes races across the region. Nomination forms for some important stakes races appear in this month’s pages!

    • Details and contact information for upcoming race meets and stakes races

  • Now is the time to choose your mare’s partner for 2009! Ads in this month’s magazine introduce some new stallions and also provide updated information about successful sires you know and love. Expect more advertisements throughout the breeding season!

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