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September 7, 2008     E-mail this page to a friend!

Lets Get Fiscal (#6) closes on the outside to win the Great Falls Derby at the State Fair Race Meet on July 27. Story appears in the September issue of The Racing Journal.
(photo by Robert Cooke, Jr.)
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What you’re missing in September:

  • Cover stories: “Money + Trophies + Fast Horses = Great Racing on the Great Plains!

  • Race results from around the region—Canterbury Park, Emerald Downs, Assiniboia Downs, Los Alamitos Race Course, Arapahoe Park, Wyoming Downs, Les Bois Park—Idaho Cup, Hasting Racecourse, State Fair Race Meet in Montana, North Dakota Horse Park

  • Insight into racing action, rivalries, historic events—

    • “Emerald Downs: Racings Hidden Jewel,” by Eric Floyd

    • “The Story with the Perfect Ending,” by Karen Svea Johnson looks at how the winner of the Claiming Crown Iron Horse Stakes is supporting the Boys’ Haven organization

    • “Stan Webb: Quarter Horses Are My Game,” by Garry Allison

    • “Make that a cool thou,” as Juan Guiterrez picks up his 1,000th win

  • News you can use—

    • Information—both ads and stories—about sales and stakes across the region. Nomination forms for some important stakes races will be appearing in the October issue—subscribe now!

    • Details and contact information for upcoming race meets and stakes races

    • Breaking news, details about, and contact information for a range of equine topics

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