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Appaloosa News: Canadian Owners Are Invited to Register with ApHC—Also: Racing-Appy Reminder

June 6, 2008     E-mail this page to a friend!

Owners of Appaloosa registered with the ApHCC have a 12-month opportunity to register their Appaloosas with the ApHC. Itís simple!

To receive an ApHC Certificate of Registration, submit an application with a photocopy of the front and back of the ApHC Certificate of Registration, four current color photographs of your horse clearly showing both sides and a complete front and rear view, and a $100 fee in U.S. funds. ApHC registration classification and eligibility are subject to ApHC rules and regulations.

For additional information and forms, visit or call (208) 882-5578, ext. 300.

Starters Fee Reminder:

For owners already registered with the ApHC but who have not yet found a race in which to start their charges: To be eligible for year-end awards in racing, make sure to send in your annual starters fee. The $10 fee must be paid before a horseís official race start for a horse to be eligible for any ApHC racing awards. For more details, see Rule 408(A) in the Appaloosa Horse Club 2008 Official Handbook.