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May 30, 2008     E-mail this page to a friend!

We love meeting fellow horseracing fans as we travel the TRJ circuit. In Walla Walla, Washington, we met long-time readers as well as new “students of the game.” Owners, trainers, breeders, race fans—everybody has a story.

If you’re in Pocatello this weekend (May 31-June 1), look for the TRJ 25th anniversary poster and come say “hello”—maybe even share your story.

Readers will get to enjoy one of these “local” stories this fall. Jerry Willsey is a long-time fan of Walla Walla racing. He’s a historian, too, and he’s scoured local resources to research and illuminate the history of Thoroughbred racing in eastern Washington. Jerry has written a story that details the origins and tradition of the Walla Walla Derby. You’ll find Jerry’s article in an upcoming issue.

Until then, look for the TRJ table at your local track, and come over and say “Hi!” We want to hear your story, and learn more about what you want to see in the magazine.

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