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“Quarter Horse Kids” Invited to Submit Videos

May 24, 2008     E-mail this page to a friend!

Dude, what's a Q-J? Think of it as an online disc jockey/news and entertainment reporter. And that's what the American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) wants!

As a Q-J, you’ll produce fun, whimsical online videos that update people on what’s happening at the Ford Youth World, August 1-9 in Oklahoma City. The videos will be placed on the Ford Youth World Web site for everyone to enjoy!

Q-Js will take us behind the scenes to meet people and will provide us with a fun and unique perspective on the event.

Horses are cool and young people LOVE them. Your job as a Q-J will be to make the Ford Youth World more memorable by capturing the bond between riders and their horses at the world’s top event for young people in an online atmosphere.

Be wacky, be serious, be yourself—but most of all—be creative in the way you bring viewers the American Quarter Horse lifestyle!

Here's the fine print: Upload a 1-minute video to telling AQHYA why you want to be a Q-J (rules will apply). Upload your video by Friday, June 13, 2008. The top five finalists will be selected by AQHA staff and placed on AQHYA’s website where they will be voted on by members of AQHYA.

The two people with the most votes will win a trip to Oklahoma City for the 2008 Ford Youth World where they will be Q-Js and provide video updates on Youtube and on the Ford Youth World Web site.