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January Issue Prepares Owners, Breeders for Foaling Season

January 2, 2008     E-mail this page to a friend!

With our January issue, The Racing Journal celebrates 25 years of continuous publication. But we look forward even as we take a peek at what’s made us great for 25 years.

With foaling season about to begin, we feature a special equine health section that focuses on up-to-the-minute information and opportunities:

  • Importance of Colostrum for the Newborn Foal, by Heather Smith Thomas

    • Heading off the Pathogens

  • Boosting the Foal Immune System, by Kate Jordan, Morris Animal Foundation (MAF)

  • MAF Announces Call for Veterinary Student Scholar Proposals

  • AMVA Executive Board Issues Policy to Boost States’ Authority to Control Quality of Veterinary Care

  • Racing Medication Group Refocusing on Drug Testing Uniformity, by Ron Mitchell, Blood-Horse Publications

    • Drug Withdrawal Times Posted on Racing Medication Group Website

  • Poisoned Through Their Hooves, by Ashley Mitek, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Looking at Equine Cushing’s Disease for Clues to Human Parkinson’s Disease

Reports from Portland Meadows and Los Alamitos tell the stories behind the results. Orlando Guitierrez and photographer Scott Martinez get the winners’ reactions at the SoCal QH oval. Karen Svea Johnson catches the action at Portland Meadows on Oregon Championship Day 2007 and introduces readers to some of the hard-working, horse-savvy folks that make that program go, as Erin Palmer’s trackside shots take readers right into the action.

New briefs offer a “heads-up” for the coming season—

  • Vote for Racing’s “Moment of the Year” at

  • Go Online as Los Alamitos Joins the YouTube Generation, and Also Adds a Mid-card Daily Double

  • Track-record-setting Carters Cartel Has Chip Removed

  • “Equine Equity Act” Makes Progress

  • Claiming Crown to Return to Canterbury Park in 2008

  • South Dakota Racing Wraps Up Another Winning Year

  • Race dates set

    • ExpoPark

    • Emerald Downs

    • Gem County

    • Les Bois Park

Now is the time to check out our advertisements for proven stallions throughout the region, as well as for newcomers looking to make an impression in the near future. Book now, or catch the stallion auctions that beckon. Race nominations loom, too. It pays to read closely—the ad on page 30 has a tempting offer for Paint and Appy owners!

On the eve of the 2008 racing seasons for many tracks, visit the website often, and check out all of our links. New information comes hot and heavy this time of year. And subscribe to the monthly magazine to get news you can use and features that inform and entertain.