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New Work Comp insurance program at Los Alamitos

August 25, 2004     E-mail this page to a friend!

Los Alamitos, Cypress, CA--For the past several years rising costs for required workmenís compensation insurance has been one of the main reasons some trainers found it difficult to run horses at Los Alamitos Race Course. Now, with a new insurance program started this year, trainers have seen their workmenís comp rates fall to a much more reasonable level.

The new Los Alamitos workmenís comp insurance program is very simple. Trainers coming to Los Alamitos simply have to place their employees on the payroll of Backstretch Staffing Services, which serves as the insurance provider. Trainers still set the wages, hours and duties of the employees, however, they are paid through BSS.

Trainers only pay a one month deposit to enroll in the program, meaning a trainer with a 10-horse stable would only need to make a $750 deposit to enroll and then pay $750 a month in premium charges.

Below is a sampling of monthly premiums that would be charged for workmenís compensation insurance based on the size of a trainerís stable.

5 Horse Stable 10 Horse Stable 20 Horse Stable 30 Horse Stable
$375 $750 $1,500 $2,250

For information on Backstretch Staffing Services please call (714) 820-2743.