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Check the calendar: Are any state-bred filings or race nominations due?

October 31, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

As the year comes to an end, take some time to review all the options available to all of your horses: weanlings, yearlings and horses of racing age.

Are your horses registered for papers? To avoid penalties, make sure Thoroughbreds are registered with The Jockey Club before the one-year anniversary of their foaling (actual birth date). The AQHA offers registrations throughout a horses's lifetime, but the costs increase as the horse ages (from seven months onward), and older horses sometimes require additional authentication that can add time and money to the registration effort.

Are your youngsters registered as state breds? Most states accept registrations in both the weanling and yearling years. Check the appropriate state's breed organizations to determine eligibility.
Are you pointing the horse toward specific races or race series? The Breeders' Cup races are an annual reminder of how important it is to take advantage of early registration to meet your racing objectives. Supplemental nominations for the BC series are astronomically expensive.

While your objectives might be a bit more affordable, you'll still want to check eligibility and nomination requirements for every race series for which your horse might be eligible. The Racing Journal is a great place to start. Our monthly magazine brings you the information about, advertisements for and, often, the forms you'll need to nominate your runners. Our website ( includes links to tracks, breed associations and other organizations that offer a wealth of information about upcoming races.

The Breeders' Cup uses a slogan that fits many programs, including its own: “He can't win, if he's not in.”

Take that to heart.