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See EQUITREKKING on Public Television Stations

August 2, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

See EQUITREKKING on Public Television Stations
The Racing Journal sponsors series on IdahoPTV

The Racing Journal is sponsoring the new six-part series EQITREKKING on Idaho Public Television. The series, created and hosted by equestrian travel journalist Darley Newman, ventures off the beaten path to discover spectacular destinations on horseback.

Newman shares her lifelong passion for horses and travel as she leads viewers across the country and across the ocean in search of the best in equestrian travel. “Many people dream of riding off into the sunset and embodying the equine spirit,” she said. “Horseback riding ... can take you into the hearts and true lives of the local people, whose culture has been intertwined with horses throughout history.”

“Destination Vermont,” the first EQUITREKKING episode, airs on IdahoPTV on Sunday, September 2, at 10:30 p.m. MT/PT. Horseback adventurers learn to drive Clydesdales, embark on a multi-day, inn-to-inn ride on smooth-gaited Icelandic horses, and visit a Morgan Horse farm to learn about Vermont's state animal.

Subsequent episodes travel to the Carolinas, the Georgia Coast, Colorado and Wyoming, and across the Atlantic for a Spanish adventure.

Readers outside the IdahoPTV viewing area can check their local public television listings for air times and dates in their area, or contact their local stations to request the series.