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July 2, 2007     E-mail this page to a friend!

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Did you think that what you’re seeing is all there is to The Racing Journal?

Our website carries breaking news that just can’t wait for our normal publication, and links to other important information about our horseracing world.

But if you’re not subscribing to our monthly publication, you’re missing more than half the news about the events that drive our industry.

In July, non-subscribers will miss:

  • Racing news from Canada and U.S. tracks—

    • Closing day at Stampede Park, after 117 years of racing in Calgary

    • South Dakota racing, featuring action from Brown County Fair

    • Los Alamitos stakes racing, personality profiles and news of two new record-size handles established at the park in June

    • Appaloosa, paint, quarter horse and mixed-breed stakes races at Pocatello Downs

    • Results from around the region: Assiniboia Downs, Bucking Horse Sale Race Meet, Canterbury Downs, Emerald Downs, Les Bois Park, Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, and Laurel Brown Racetrack

  • News you can use from upcoming race meets: stakes schedules, purses, nomination info—even jockey-incentive programs

  • Information about sales, all breeds and ages

  • Health and safety information—

    • Tracking and Preventing West Nile Virus in the Northwest

    • Instructions for entering ICE (In Case of Emergency) information in cell phones

  • A feature story on owner/breeders Donnie and Judy McFadden’s success with Thoroughbred breeding and racing in advance of the full BCR dispersal sale.

  • More news and notes from around the U.S. and Canada to help you plan for the racing ahead.

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